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Friday, October 21, 2005

Grinding toward the BC.

Spent a little more than 3 hours developing the program tonight.

The "buggy" version of MyRats is working. I am generating a number but it isn't correct. Still, it's nice to have a number...Need to do better estimating off track conditions and watch out for winners as the data makes them look like losers. I expect this to work within a few days. The hard work is done.

I had intended to call this progarm EquiSim, but some other bastard is using the name so I'll have to come up with something else. That guy has written a pretty good program, similar to what I want, but the weakest part for him is the SIM. That's kind of silly because he thinks that is the strongest part. My SIM will hopefully be my strongest point. No pretty 3D, but able to simulate odds on 10-100 runs. His text data is way beyond what I envision for my program. The dude has a lot of good features but his program is not worth $100+ IMHO. Mine will be free (again, as usual. I think the BIG MONEY for me involves garnering a "rep" and charging the powers that be for my opinion.)

I am leaning more towards estimating a horse's fitness for the race than just using spinner theory to estimate odds. It seems I trashed the SPINNER theory from my website. I'll have to retype this someday. Sorry. Damned computers...


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