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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Goal well met!

The 2005 Breeder's Cup is now history! Congrats to all the winners and my condolences to the losers.

The grind to get a new program working paid off with two healthy winners -- STEVIE WONDERBOY ($11.00) and INTERCONTINENTAL ($32.20). After the races, I tweaked the track data a wee bit to move SAINT LIAM and SHIROCCO to the top of list. I may have whacked German tracks to get SHIROCCO, but the other change seems legit.

Unfortunately, I tried to press my luck on the small potato tracks. That experiment did not go well, but hopefully I tuned their data a bit. I think I need to stay on the major circuits as bandaged animals just don't spin around the track properly.

Even after the tweaking, I couldn't score a gimmick. Beginning to think I should stick with win bets and gimmicks involving winners only (pick 3, etc.) Might have got the 1st BC triple had I played it -- Folklore was no stretch and the other 2 were on top ($341 for the taking.)


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