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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Testing Spinners

Well, my BC try was good enough to win the rec.sports.horse-racing Saturday Classic by nearly $27. There's some good handicappers there, so kudos to me I guess...

I've decided to test the current program tracking 1-4 picks and their morning line odds, my odds, finish and final tote odds. Also, place payoff on top horse. I'll wait for 1000 races (a month or more of effort) before making substantial changes to anything but the track database -- and only minor tweaks to that.

Collecting a little data on the top 4 should give me some idea if things are "working" and maybe help play exotics. BC results say ignore exotics and focus on WIN ONLY...

As for real betting, for now WIN ONLY and then only at "not dinky" tracks. Charlestown and the likes of Mountaineer seem to eat my bankroll while SA, GG and BEL add to my cash.


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