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Friday, September 26, 2008

New Surface at Santa Anita

With the Breeder's cup about a month away, the jury is still out on the new artificial surface at Santa Anita. Reports from horsemen and jockeys have been mostly positive, but the view from my side of the fence has been abysmal.

Maybe the horses are safer, but my money isn't! Evidence the pick six was not hit until today after two days of carryover. The horses that figure on paper have been having a rough time of it.

If you didn't get a piece of the big prize today, there is a guaranteed $1 million pool tomorrow.

My top selections for tomorrow are low odds, so I guess I'm doomed from the start!

Honestly, the way the track is playing so far, I'm hoping for rain -- something is definitely wrong with this track -- all long shots doesn't mean a track is playing fair.


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