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Monday, October 06, 2008

Blogger Stats

Let's forget about Santa Anita's Pro Ride artificial surface for a minute and concentrate on how to become a blogging phenom.

A few minutes ago, I was #6 when searching for profile/interests/horse racing. Suddenly, I'm
#7! Argh! Keep in mind, this is #7 of over 900 horse racers, but still...

How did I drop so fast? Anyway, why aren't I number 2 or 3? Most of the people above me have little real interest in horse racing, or if they do, they only want you to sign up for their handicapping service.

I'm not sure which of the six above me existed before, just that one got added. What makes them add? I thought perhaps I was #6 just because my ONLY listed interest is horse racing. Some of the people have so many interests they are hardly interesting! What is their purpose in life, anyway?

To heck with this. My goal now is to become #1 on blogspot for profile/interests/horse racing. If I got to #6 or #7 without even realizing it, I must be doing something right! What am I doing?

Anyway, there are still horses running at Oak Tree, so check my picks at www.horsecalc.com.


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