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Friday, October 24, 2008

Forecast: 89 degrees for BC Saturday

Sorry to miss a few posts, but I am in the process of moving from Cool to Stockton -- a distance of 100 miles. The move is slow, tiring and a real impediment to horseplay!

When the Breeders' Cup moved from broadcast television to cable last year, viewership dropped by 53%. At present, I have neither cable nor satellite or the time to attend off-track betting for Friday's card. Of course, the races were blacked-out on the internet so other than the first two races of Friday's undercard, I didn't see anything that happened at Santa Anita today.

Only 3 BC races were run on "dirt" Friday. No real surprises for the win but exotic players had to dig deep to find longshots for the lesser placings. The undercard stakes also held a few surprises.

Zenyatta and Stardom Bound were both coming off wins over Anita's Pro Ride surface. They had both proven they could handle this odd surface.

The big question for tomorrow is whether or not Curlin will like the going. His connections worried over the surface enough to request an afternoon work before committing to run in the Classic. Apparently, all went well enough to risk the horse's last race over a course made up of greasy little ball bearings.

If you followed my advice Friday, you probably made your day in the first race. First to 3rd exacta paid $169 for a buck. You could have cashed the trifecta for $857.10 by playing a $6 1 over 2,3 over 2,3,4,5 (numbers are ordered selections, not program numbers.) A ten cent superfecta of $356.77 could have been yours for $1.80, and you missed doubling that or more had #1 not missed 4th to the favorite by a neck at 39-1!

After the first, the weirdness of Pro Ride slowly took over the tote board except for the two aforementioned favorites with an affinity for the artificial.

As for tomorrow, visit www.horsecalc.com for my selections.

With the forecasted heat, there are bound to be some inexplicable results. However, the old adage of "Champions can win over any surface" still holds true, I believe. Not that I suggest betting the farm on Curlin, he actually looks to be a huge underlay to me. Not that I'd bet much against him, either...

Friday we had long doggies from 25-1 to 64-1 sprinkled into the exotics and I expect more of them tomorrow.


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