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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Will Short Fields Mean Low Prices?

Today's Oak Tree has short fields and my handicapping places favorites at the top of most races. This combination usually does not bode well for making money, so I am limiting my plays today.

One thing I'm doing is taking minimum $1 pick threes in the first six races. With all the scheduled favorites, I might hit three winners in a row. I'm also playing pinpoint $4 trifectas 1/2,3/2,3,4. There are superfectas in only the 4th & 6th, but the 4th has no value and I'm skipping it. A simple 4 horse box in the 6th is as much risk as I'll take. The best value race for me is the 8th, but no superfecta due to the dentists' demand for a high payout exotic only they can afford to play (Super High Five.)

Trackside, it is 84 degrees. That's a bit warm for Pro Ride, I think. Maybe the long shots will take everyone's money by beating all the favorites we all think should win. The rest of the week will cool down by 10 degrees so I think we can play with some confidence Fri-Sun.


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