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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Paint It Green

No, it's not an old Stones tune, it's the "dirt" at Santa Anita.

Curlin's trainer blamed the Pro Ride artificial surface for his horse's 4th place finish in the BC Classic. When you get beat by a three year old turf/synthetic specialist in the biggest race of your life, it's easy (and probably true) to blame the track.

Let's just paint this crap green and call it the outer turf course -- that's more accurate than trying to pass it off as dirt. No, it's not turf but it does play more like turf than dirt.

Congratulations to all the European (turf) winners (on "dirt.") I expect you'll all be back next year for more free money.

Speaking of free money. The 7th and 9th races were nearly textbook results for my picks. You should have made money today!


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